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No Need To Use Antiperspirants Which Cause Irritation and Burn

Get A Great Antiperspirant - Without Aluminum

"The Only Deodorants I Recommend" - Dr. Deb Baker 2008-12

Terra Naturals - All Natural Products

Natural Deodorant No Aluminum
(Problems With Deodorant Armpit Rash? Here's Your Solution)

Our planet offers a vast source of natural treasures, many of them left by the wayside with the advent of detergents, petrochemicals, synthetics and animal by-products. The rainforests, the deserts, the oceans, the mountain plateaus, the arctic poles, our very own backyards, are an endless source of natural plant chemistry.

Our slogan "Down to earth products for your 5 trillion cells,” conveys our philosophy of returning to the fundamental resources of nature to care for our cells.

Our formulations are as close to nature as possible. We avoid petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives, and we do not test on animals. Product ingredients are listed on our site as well as on all product labels.

Please join us in our mission to create wellness with functional products that are formulated with nourishing ingredients and completely void of hazardous chemicals.

To your optimal wellness,

Tanya Workman
Owner-Terra Naturals


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Green Tea

Deodorant Stick, Green Tea


Deodorant Stick, Lavender

Apple Pear

Deodorant Stick, Apple Pear


Deodorant Stick, Jasmine

Citrus Mix

Deodorant Stick, Citrus Mix


Deodorant Stick, Unscented

Gogi Acai

Deodorant Stick, Gogi Acai


Deodorant Stick, Tropical

Sweet Mint

Deodorant Stick, Sweet Mint


Deodorant Stick, Evergreen


Deodorant Stick, Sport


Deodorant Stick, Bamboo

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Join With Terra Naturals..

aluminum free deodorant

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Partners with Terra Naturals to Offer Renewably Sourced Product to Personal Care Market

TORONTO, Ontario and LOUDON, Tenn., Sept. 20, 2007 – The DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products joint venture today announced that it is providing its innovative Zemea™ renewably sourced propanediol (Bio-PDO™) product to Terra Naturals Inc., a personal care company, that has developed a line of natural deodorants that are corn-based, aluminum- and petroleum-free. Under the branded GREEN line of products, the deodorants are distributed through United Natural Foods in the United States and Purity Life in Canada and also are available at the Terra Naturals website.

Zemea™ renewably sourced propanediol is a 100 percent renewably sourced ingredient made from corn sugar. The Terra Naturals GREEN line includes deodorant sticks, sprays and roll-ons for men, women, teens and sport uses. These products offer excellent odor elimination, excellent texture and a non-sticky residue. The GREEN line products are free of petroleum-based chemicals, free of synthetic parabens and aluminum and use only plant derived ingredients.

“Zemea™ propanediol offers a luxurious and non-sticky texture to deodorants,” Terra Naturals co-founder Svetlana Ratnikova said. “It replaces propylene glycol in petroleum-based deodorants and vegetable glycerin in existing natural deodorants. Vegetable glycerin can be very sticky and reduces overall product performance, and propylene glycol is derived from natural gas, a product that energy-conscious consumers are trying to reduce their dependence on.”

Terra Naturals' New Natural Spray Deodorants

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Deodorant Spray, Green Apple


Deodorant Spray, Strawberry


Deodorant Spray, Lavender


Deodorant Spray, Rose


Deodorant Spray, Sport


Deodorant Spray, Lemon


Deodorant Spray, Natural


“We are seeing increasing demand for products made from renewable, corn-derived ingredients in the cosmetics and personal care markets,” Steve Mirshak, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products president, said. “While the demand for renewable products is real, we know consumers don’t want to compromise on the performance of their deodorants. We are pleased to offer Zemea™ as an ingredient that has helped Terra Naturals deliver a high-performance line of deodorants that really work.”

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Questionable Ingredients in So-Called 'Natural' Deodorants

"I am conscious of what I put in and on my body. Terra Naturals products are all natural, and I like the fact that there are no hidden ingredients."

C. Bowman - Toronto, Canada

"I must compliment you on the quality and presentation of your products. Both first class."

Sandra J. - Vale Perkins, Quebec

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