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Dr. Deb's New Natural Mercury Detox Site Can Be Found HERE:


This page is a summation of the new site....

Detoxification of mercury from within the body’s cells is probably one of the most controversial areas of alternative medicine today.

We must look at the processes involved in detoxification and support or augment them.

Detoxification - A cure?In order to cure someone, to restore health, a practitioner has to affect the mechanisms responsible for clearing the body of toxins and then reconstitute health.

In particular, with Hg poisoning, to leave your detox in the hands of a non-licensed person is in my opinion one heck of a risk.. In order to properly understand the mechanisms of toxicity with respect to anatomy, physiology and particularly the biochemistry of what is actually happening with the patient and how to properly rid them of this problem one must be a professional whose license has mandated them to study these disciplines.

In more recent times, health is being linked to genetic information supplied by our DNA both within the nucleus of the cell and in the mitochondria (structures within the cell, but outside the nucleus).

Mitochondria are responsible for energy molecule production. Although the DNA of the mitochondria only total about 1% of the cell’s overall DNA (which by the way is completely inherited from your mother), it is about 20x more susceptible to toxic reactions.

These energy molecules, called ATP are manufactured by biochemically converting your nutrients such as glucose from carbohydrates, amino acids from proteins and fats through a long chain of reactions into ATP. Essentially these are the agents of energy or “life” to the human being (excluding the spiritual aspect, of course).

Although our genetics lead us to our susceptibilities, we now understand as practitioners of true nutritional/biochemical medicine how to alter a person’s chemistry to augment or bring out the best of our genetics. Chronic illness stems from a cellular environment in which the proper substances to maintain optimal genetic expression are lacking.


Incorporation of heavy toxins such as mercury has a whole host of ramifications.

It interferes with the normal synthesis of proteins, causes organ dysfunction particularly within the kidney, liver and in some reports the thyroid.

It also has a devastating effect on the whole central nervous system and its nerve cells.

What we must remember is that damage to your mitochondria (the energy production units of the cell) is accumulative over the years and increases one’s risk to degenerative disease. By looking at the whole “picture” in this light we are able to see how something like mercury can greatly contribute to chronic “unwellness”.

There is a lot of pretty crazy, eclectic misinformation out there being done in the name of "Detox".

I have been accused of being "10 years behind the times" because I refuse to opt into using the favourite "flavour of the month" with respect to protocols.

There is NO one approach for every person; we are all different, came to our illnesses through different routes, stresses, genetics, etc. I am saying there are no magic bullets, or panacea to health. Anyone who claims to have the perfect programme for all that suffer the same ailment is by definition fraudulent and irresponsible.

Taking all kinds of cleansing/detox products at the same time does very little to improve the patient. All you do is create confusion within the body as to what path it should follow and the patient just gets sicker because of the various die-offs.

Issues like parasites; Candida, CFS, Fibromyalgia etc are often a sequelae of Hg poisoning chemical pathways and leaving them in a state of dysfunction.

You can try as hard as you can to get rid of the symptoms, but within a very short time the patient will be dealing with the same problem until the metal is removed from their bodies and a path of permanent correction can begin.

Again, for this reason it is wise to have the help of a licensed practitioner and one who understands the need to treat this issue in "layers" and at the patient’s tolerance.

Many do not understand the mechanism of mercury toxicity and the careful, gentle therapy needed to return to health. I cannot say too often the need to proceed slowly, with caution, adding new items to the protocol as the patient responds and is ready.

Three favourite issues of the general "healers" or uninformed practitioners are Candida, Fibromyalgia and parasites associated with mercury patients.

Yes, of course, these syndromes co-exist and are often found in the same patients. It has been claimed that the prevalence of Candida in mercury patients is the body’s reaction to the metal and it over produces yeast and abnormal flora in the intestinal tract to "chelate" the metal and protect the body.

I remain not totally convinced this is actually the case. As a matter of fact, more recent studies show just the opposite.

What IS known is that mercury causes the production of abnormal flora, particularly anti-biotic resistant flora, which I believe, allows Candida to set up shop and go nuts.

The other issue is that mercury conflicts or “gets in the way of” normal protein synthesis and we rely on this process to make proteases - enzymes - which normally kill off yeast and parasites (and bacteria) in our intestinal tracts.

Therefore, what is the point of going through strict Candida/parasite/bacterial cleanses when the amalgams are still present...allowing it to regrow.

However, having said all that, there are some basic biochemical processes which must function relatively well, before the process of detox can begin. First and foremost is the ability of the liver to detoxify effectively.


Side Note: Most mercury toxic patients are or have been chronically ill. It is wise to remember that healing needs to occur in a relaxed, gentle atmosphere. I highly recommend the products at Serenity Health to facilitate what I am about to suggest for


Approximately 25% of detox occurs in the intestines - the rest for the most part happens in the liver. The liver clears more than 2 litres of blood every minute.

When working well, the Kupffer cells of the liver rid the blood of 99% of bacteria and many toxins. This is done by macrophages, white blood cells that engulf and destroy the offending agent. This whole macrophagal cascade of reactions and the cells themselves are augmented by a wonderful complex called 1,3-D Beta Glucan Beta Glucan

These cells do not normally create antibodies which would cause over reaction to antigens and hence allergies.

When the liver is damaged however, filtration breaks down and more antibodies are created especially to E. coli, other bacteria. Allergies to dietary proteins such as gluten from wheat and casein or albumin from dairy products also appear.

Now these antigens have slipped past the liver filtration to the circulation and precipitated the immune response. This in turn causes an increase production of anti-bodies and a constant alarm is set off resulting in perpetual inflammation - metabolism upset and eventually disease occurs.

Often attention must be directed to healing the “leaky” digestive tract and the incompetant breakdown of food.

Doing therapy with Metagenics UltraInflammx or UltraInflavogen (Canada) to heal the gut, EPA/DHA 720 LEMON GELS, from Metagenics and Digestive Enzymes from Naturpharm is a great start. During this time eliminate wheat and dairy (except goat).

I usually suggest starting with 1/2 scoop in water or juice (not pineapple or citrus) at least 1/2 hour before meals, with one Fish Oil Concentrate and 2 Essential Balance at each meal. Take the digestive enzyme (M5, M6, M3, M4 or M7 according to need) at this time and with each meal.

I like to start a detox programme with a liver cleanse, particularly if there are sluggish bowel habits in the patient. I tend to use a combination of botanical remedies Herba-Lega-H Liver Drainage Tonic and homeopathic drainage remedies for the Herba-Lymph Lymphatic Drainage Tonic and Herba-Petro Kidney Drainage Tonic

This is a Great Start To Liver/Heavy Metal Detox..And They Offer A Free Bottle
For You To Try

Detox - Phase I and Phase II

To truly understand detoxification and what will be effective, one must comprehend the steps, which occur within the liver and supplement the needed co-factors. The liver essentially detoxifies in two phases, each one preparing the offending agent for expulsion by the liver into the feces.

Phase I - The toxin is made more water-soluble and more biochemically reactive. This is accomplished by a group of enzymes (about 150 of them) collectively called "cytochrome P450’s. In fact, at this stage the toxin is "opened" up by these enzymes so it will bind or conjugate with an acceptable substrate in Phase II, forming a complex the liver now recognized as foreign and will excrete via the bowels. There are a lot of free radicals produced in this process and we must have enough anti-oxidant present to offset it or else other implications to health will result.

To support Phase I activity, I will add Oxygenics depending on the patient’s current health. The more chemically sensitive the patient is - the more antioxidant protection they need. It must however be added gradually, starting at only 1-2 capsules per day.

One of the roles of bile is to help excretion of these toxins…but fibre in the gut is needed to bind the bile, so a low fiber diet hinders this process.

The addition of a good fibre product 2-4 capsules at bedtime not only helps this but assists in moving heavy metals and other toxins from the digestive trract.

Phase II - Conjugation

In phase II, the now very reactive toxin is bound to another molecule, in the case of mercury-glutathione- to form an excretable complex. There are a total of six compounds that toxins can bind to at this point, but glutathione is of most importance in this discussion on mercury.


Glutathione is found abundantly in nature, in animals, plants and micro-organisms. Because it is water soluble, it is found mostly inside the cell, in fact it is the most highly concentrated intracellular antioxidants.

Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant, functional in both phases of liver detoxification. If it is used up in Phase I in the free radical process as an antioxidant, then not enough is left for Phase II.

It is most important in the mitochondria of the cell, which is the organelle or structure within the cell responsible for taking glucose and oxygen and converting them through a long series of biochemical steps to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the base engery molecule of your body.

Glutathione (GSH) is a very key player in the antioxidant mechanism of the cell, particularly the mitochondria. A large load of oxygen free radicals develop in the mitochondria, unavoidably from the biochemical production of ATP. This pathway is called Oxidative Phosphorylation (OP). Free radicals “leak” from the process of OP and randomly “fly” around the cell, creating havoc with other cellular structures and processess if not contained.

Some of these “free radical” structure’s names may be familiar to you. They include Superoxide, Peroxide and hydroxyl radical amongst others. They are VERY reactive and threaten important cellular components such as DNA, RNA, enzymes other proteins and even the phospholipids responsible for the integrity of the cell membrane. Healthy cells chemically oppose these free radicals and GSH is one of the main entities used to do this.

Science believes the ability or not of our bodies to handle these very reactive molecules determines organ and tissue deterioration over time and that equals “aging”.

Protection from external oxidants such as environmental pollutants is also a big function of GSH. Some of the worst contaminants in our society depend on our cells’ ability to handle exogenous or externally sourced toxins.

Cigarette smoke contains literally thousands of chemicals and one puff of smoke has some trillion free radicals in it. Your body’s Vitamin C and E literally die a miserable death and the tars which remain in the body go on creating free radicals for their life time.

Some of the over the counter drugs, which many consider relatively harmless such as acetaminophen, depletes GSH from liver cells, making the liver more susceptible to toxicity.

Even exercise can deplete GSH, because of the demand by the body to produce more ATP for energy.

This, in days gone by would have been counteracted by our and full of nutrients, but unfortunately, today with processing and harvesting while not ripened..this is no longer the case. The ardent exerciser would be wise to include GSH in their diet.

A list of some of the other factors which depletes GSH would include:

-Organophosphate pesticides
-Cholesterol and any other steroids, such as the birth control pill, hormone replacement therapy, etc.
-a dietary deficiency of methionine - a very important amino acid and precursor to GSH..your liver uses 70% of dietary intake
-ionizing radiation, whether X-rays or sunlight
-tissue injury from burns, surgery, or any trauma
-Iron overload - iron catalyzes free radical generation
-bacterial or viral infections
-alcohol consumption
-benzopyrenes of barbecued foods


Dr. Deb's New Natural Mercury Detox Site

Lifestyle choices such as stress, emotional and mental, alcohol, smoking, drug use (legal or illegal) can mix with exogenous toxins to produce no end of oxidative pathways which eventually deplete the body of GSH and other antioxidants, resulting in chronic illness.

It is for this reason, that mercury patients have to be looked at from all of these parameters to successfully detox and return them to health.

The liver, being the organ most involved with detoxing also is the main storage port for GSH. The cells of the liver are the most finely adapted to produce GSH from its precursors, to recycle it from its oxidized form GSSG and to actually use GSH to combat toxins.

It should be understood, though that a decent level of GSH in the liver does not necessarily mean your detox paths will be the best. In fact, our own GSH stores are meant to keep endogenous toxins under control and now with the world we live in to consider, one should pay attention to add other antioxidants, B Vitamins and minerals to your supplementation to aid GSH in its now overwhelming job.

According to studies, normal kidney functioning in terms of protein concentration and electrolyte concentration in the urine becomes impaired after amalgam placements. The kidney seems to respond differently to different metals and Hg (mercury) affects the proximal tubule within the kidney structure, which is responsible for the re-absorption of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium and the protein albumin. Increasing GSH and selenium levels in the kidney has a renal protective effect, mitigating the effects of Hg.

The brain (in particular) and the central nervous system (CNS) are highly oxygenated tissues and therefore very susceptible to free radical attack. They also contain a large amount of unsaturated lipids or fats..which are also prone to oxidation.

In the brain, GSH works with selenium to form glutathione peroxidase, which is the enzyme that removes mercury from the brain.

Inorganic and methyl mercury have a very high affinity for sulfhydryl groups-the sulphur containing molecules on some amino acids such as cysteine. Hg reacts intracellularly with these sulphur based groups found on glutathione, cysteine and histidine residues in proteins, which in turn allows for transport out of the cell of the offending mercury. In animal studies it was seen that mercury secrection into the bile was dependant on glutatione’s secretion into the bile, hence then, mercury’s excretion appears to rely on glutathione transport.

One of the major problems with glutathione is its availability for absorption. Studies have shown that using Vitamin C and N-Acetyl-cysteine can greatly assist in its uptake from the intestines.

Glutathione is often added to the protocol using undenatured whey. There are several of these products available, but the one I have had the most success with is GSH COMPLEX. I find the amount of mercury excreted as seen with fecal heavy metal testing from Doctor's Data in Chicago..much better with this product than any other. In independant lab out-preforms all others. For complete information see my GSH Page

Although our own internal processes of metabolising nutrients, etc. result in the usage of glutathione, for detoxification of end products, GSH is recovered from these pathways, recycled and reusable. When it is used to detox a foreign external substance (xenobiotic), it is lost in the process, requiring replenishment from our diet.GSH Complex provides the raw material necessary to fulfill this need.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is an incredible liver anti-oxidant. In Phase I, it acts in this capacity to scavenge and neutralize free radicals. It works in both the fatty and watery compartments of the body to quench free radicals. It is a facilitator of glutathione regeneration by up-regulating the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase right at the start of the tri-cyclic acid cycle..the process of using one’s glucose to manufacture energy molecules NADH and ATP. These energy molecules are essential to life and all of its biochemical processes. One very important note, peculiar to this discussion is the conversion of oxidized glutathione (the “used” form GSSG) to the reduced or active form (GSH) where it can act again in our cells’ favour.

Studies seem to indicate that ALA is particularly good at enhancing glutathione levels in the nervous system.

Because ALA is also a dithiol...that is has two sulphur groups in its structure, it is also a chelator of Hg. The difference is that it is true that is does not chelate as strongly as the pharmacological chelators DMSA and DMPS, it is very lipophilic meaning it has affinity to the fatty tissues of the body, so has the potential to increase mercury in areas such as the central and peripheral nervous system if used in high quantities. Used in moderate, regular doses it can get to hydrophobic (lipid containing) compartments these other chelators cannot.

In a detox protocol, it is best to add this in any significant amount (over 50mg. per dose) after detoxing for 4-6 weeks. This is after the last amalgam has been removed. If you did some natural detox before removals..don't count this in the 4-6 weeks.

It has also been suggested that taking it every 3-4 hours around the clock to keep blood levels stable works best. (Dr. Andrew Cutler I use Lipoic Acid you can click on the link to read detialed information on why this is the best form to use..and the safest in my opinion. I have patients divide the 100 mg. capsule as necessary. I believe it is wise to try 1/4 to 1/2 a capsule first and wait to observe if there are any reactions.

Research has also shown lipoic acid to be very effective for these clinical problems:

1. Converting Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione and other antioxidants from their "used" oxidized form to their "useful" reduced form.
2. Stops the formation of kidney stones in research animals.
3. Has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism in diabetics.
4. Together with glutathione, it protects liver cells from heavy metal toxicity.
5. Increases liver ATP (energy molecule)
6. An activation of liver detoxifying function and energy production in patients with liver disease associated with viral, fungal and alcohol causal factors.
7. Intracellular levels of glutathione increased as much as 50% with administration of lipoic acid.

Side Note...


Thimerasol is a preservative used in vaccinations to increase their self-life. It is about 48% mercury. This substance is being linked to the incredible increase in autism rates currently occuring in the Western world. Here I would like to present six of my favourite books on the subject. This is for YOU the parent to become more informed before you consent to any vaccination regime at all.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Another naturally occurring substance, it is liver friendly and augments the work of glutathione. It also enhances the absorption of glutathione. It is an ultimate component of bodily made glutathione, supplying cysteine, one of the three amino acids, which make up glutathione. The other two being glycine and glutamic acid.

A very well done study, done in Italy showed that with the ingestion of NAC, even virally infected people did not become symptomatic. This would lead us to believe, appropriately, I think, that regular consumption of NAC is immuno-stimulating and a good practice for all, even if mercury toxicity is not an issue.

This holds true providing one has no problem metabolizing sulphur containing supplements and foods which unfortunately many mercury patients do.

It has been found in studies of patients with Motor Neuron Disease (MND), Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) that there often is a very high level of circulating cysteine. This high level can interfere with protein function in the nervous system.


Selenium and Vitamin E

Selenium is needed to properly produce the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, (GSH-Px), essential to eliminating mercury from the brain. Studies have shown that the normal high level of unsaturated fatty acids in brain tissue can only be protected by GSH-Px. Depletion of this enzyme and resultant damage may be significant in the development of senility. There are various forms of GSH-Px. The main three are selenium dependent and found in the mitochondria (energy producing entities in the cell) of lipid (fat) cells (i.e. the wrappings of nerve fibres), plasma cells and liver cells. Mercury, cadmium and mercury salts all inhibit every GSH-Px that exists. These not only inhibit the reactive sites for selenium to do its job, but also actually change the structure of the enzyme making it ineffective at its function.

Recent research has indicated that the amino acid methionine is needed to make the organic form of selenium..necessary to increase the production GSH-Px and enhance mercury detoxification.

This is particularly evident in the kidney. In workers who are occupationally exposed to mercury, their mean urinary selenium was lowered. By increasing their selenium, through the diet, urinary mercury excretion increased and blood levels of mercury reduced. In the animal kingdom, those chronically exposed to mercury have inherently higher levels of selenium. Unfortunately, we humans are not very efficient at doing this.An interesting study illustrated the effect mercury and low methionine had on the body’s inflammatory processes. Prostaglandin E1 and thromboxane B2 are indicators of the state of inflammation. The first being "anti-inflammatory" and the second being produced when inflammatory processes are active within the body. In cases of mercury exposure with low methionine, the thromboxane B2 was directly elevated. In time, the Prostaglandin E1 increased slightly in response to the higher thromboxane B2. All symptoms to date attributed to the mercury toxicity syndrome are effects of inflammatory processes.

Selenium also assists in reducing the amount of zinc and copper excreted through the urine in the presence of mercury. It has an immune enhancing effect. We know low levels of Selenium in the diet correlates with increases in cancers such as lymphocytic leukemia, breast, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, colonic, genitourinary, skin and Hodgkin’s disease.

The problem with taking standard selenium supplements, is that it doesn't take much to reach toxic levels.

I use Advaclear for it's selenium content and other nutrients to facilitate the work of the GSH Complex

Pharmacological Chelators

Lets, start with what I firmly believe does NOT work: EDTA

EDTA or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a chemical chelator often used by medical people to treat mercury toxicity. In particular the American College for the Advancement in Medicine, a group of physicians who profess IV chelation is told to use EDTA.

Drs. Boyd Hayley, James Pendergrass, Edward Duhr and John Slevin have done extensive research at the University of Kentucky on the effects of mercury on the basic structure of neurons, or brain cells. They have found that mercury prevents proper synthesis of beta tubulin, a critical protein in the skeleton of the neuron.

In fact with this protein hampered the nerves cells become entangled, looking just like the lesions we see in Alzheimer’s Disease. They have also seen a direct correlation with the number of amalgams in cadavers and the number of these lesions.

In a scientific paper published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (1993) they further exposed the fact that mercury-EDTA and mercury-EGTA (another derivative) actually "enhanced" mercury’s ability to cause this damage!

Foulkes and Bergman (1993) showed that EDTA could disassociate cadmium from cell membranes but could not do the same for membrane bound mercury. It appears from the research EDTA can help the excretion of lead, manganese, free iron, cadmium and antimony. Therefore, if the mercury is stored in your cell’s membrane (and much is) , then according to these researchers’ work, EDTA remove it.

Another problem is that commonly now EDTA is IV'd in the form of CaEDTA in a fast push, leaves too many disassociated metals behind after a rapid and massive mobilization. The way they compensate for that..if they know enough to do to use a low dose oral DMSA or DMPS to "scoop" these residues.

Needless to say, this is NOT a chelator of choice!

BAL and D-Penicillamine

BAL (Unithiol) is British Anti-Lewisite an old chemical chelator used years and years ago. It has even more side effects associated with it and mercury redistribution than DMPS and DMSA (to follow). Known as dimercaprol, BAL is a lipid-soluble compound and must be administered in an oil base via very painful, deep muscular injection.

D-Penicillamine has the same nasty track record and is less effective than the more current chelators.


DMPS and DMSA are the most commonly used pharmacological chelators used today. Some people have reported doing well with these, particularly when used very carefully and gently. Others, and there is a significant group of these, have been medically devastated by these drugs. I also believe not all adverse reactions are being reported so the truth still remains to be seen as far as ratio of risk to health benefits is concerned, but depending on who you read it could be anywhere from 17 - 25%.

DMPS- These chelators work based on the content of sulfur and hydrogen molecules (thiols) which bind readily to the mercury. Both these chelators (DMSA and DMPS) only bind with mercury in the extracellular space. They cannot remove mercury from within the cells. DMPS is a combination of propane, sulfonic acid and thiols.

Mercury redistribution throughout the body is probably the most serious part of this type of chelation and responsible for organ damage and side effects which are reported.

The reason it occurs, is that once a patient has ingested a chemical chelator, a large amount of mercury is “scooped” from outside the cells. This "blast" goes via the bloodstream to the liver; the chelator and proteins attached to the mercury are broken down and excreted with bile into the upper part of the small intestine. Freed mercury is rapidly re-absorbed into the system via the intestines and then deposited all over the body, often in very dangerous places, i.e. the brain, nervous system, essential organs such as the thyroid, etc. This bile process is not 100% efficient, so some is excreted via the feces and urine, but not as much as we would like.

As I mentioned before, adverse reactions are not all being reported. This drug does not necessarily come with a patient insert, explaining possible side effects. The only one I have seen is a half-baked effort by Heyltex, one of the producers in which it does list:

"DMPS should not be used in the presence of hypersensitivity to DMPS (when are patients ever tested or even asked????). Special care is required on injection of DMPS-HEYL in patients with allergic asthma symptoms.

Side effects: occasionally shivering, fever or skin reaction, presumable of an allergic nature, such as itching and exanthema or rash may occur, which are generally reversible on withdrawing treatment.

In isolated cases severe allergic skin reactions (e.g. erythema exudativa multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome) have been reported.

Long-term use of DMPS can influence the mineral balance, especially for elements zinc and copper.

Administration of DMPS causes mobilization of mercury taken up in the body. In isolated cases therefore, clinical symptoms of mercury poisoning may be produced. (and many have fallen terribly ill because of this)

In individual cases there may be raised levels of certain enzymes (transaminases). After ingestion of Dimaval (DMPS) nausea may occur.

Cardiovascular reactions may occur, especially on too rapid injection of DMPS-HEYL and is apparent as a fall in blood pressure, nausea, dizziness and weakness generally a short time after the injection."

That just about skims the surface of what could happen.."symptoms of mercury toxicity" can cover a whole host of symptoms; not just the ones listed (see Mercury Fillings page)

Many physicians injecting this drug are simply not told of its dangers. It is incompletely regulated the FDA and Health and Welfare Canada and so many attend "chelation" seminars and run back to their offices, Monday morning and inject away.

Some are very cavalier in that they will tell patients "you have to get worse to get better" or "its just that you are so toxic this is to be expected" when the patient becomes desperately ill.

One protection, or attempt at protection would be to test one’s reaction to DMPS. Take an oral dose of 50 - 100mg and see if any symptoms whatsoever occur.

You would be looking for low back pain (kidney), numbness, aching, brain fog, nausea, headache or in my opinion anything that makes you feel less well than you are. If this happens,

DMSA is not sulfa drug like. The base is succinic acid. It is only taken orally and is the only chemical chelator that can cross the blood brain barrier to take mercury out of the brain.

Again, though, test it out with a small dose. Then if the patient decides they want to take it, I recommend starting very slowly (25 - 50 mg every four hours...all day) three days on, six days off.

Because normal, needed minerals are chelated out with the mercury (manganese, zinc, magnesium, etc) I have them do six days off, and replenish heavily the minerals with Ortho-Mins, Cardio Mag, and Zinc Citrate. This seems to keep them from getting sick.

Homeopathic Remedies

I have often found that I can only use these at first with some people, as they are so sick. Commonly it is the emotional level I address first, the fear, depressions, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, then on to the physical symptoms.

Each person is individual, of course and his or her remedies are matched to their symptom picture, which requires a trained homeopath to do. It is hard to even list homeopathic suggestions here as what is good for one, maybe totally useless to another.

I can say however, taking multiple homeopathic combinations is fruitless as far as I’m concerned. These are energetic remedies and basically you are instructing the body to shift in so many directions at the same time that the end result is nothing much happens or the patient gets sicker.

A good starting plan is to address the emotional component, then proceed to increase lymphatic drainage, then liver and kidney support over a period of time. This helps the body get ready to detox, when you start using the nutritional chelators to move the mercury out.

Remember that detoxification should be slow, careful, and individualized. Never rush, never do more than one flush at a have to "nudge" the body back into line. Again
I highly recommend Serenity Health to assist in your healing!

Dr. Deb's New Natural Mercury Detox Site

For a full, general Mercury Detox Protocol and the stages I suggest for some one who wishes to handle their own detox, see my Mercury Detox Protocol.

For those who would like to do a Consultation with me.. Click on my Consultation Page
For notes on my experience and background.. Click on my About Me Page

I wish you all health

Dr. Deb

There are both natural addendums to use as well as abundant information on the use of pharmacological agents. Many, self-proclaimed authorities still do not even admit a problem exists.

Again, as in any issue, the truth has to lie within the realm of biochemical and physiological function of the body. To assume that a particular herb or supplement will bind or chelate out mercury just because it does in the environment, (chlorella, for example) has absolutely no scientific or biochemical merit.

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